Registration Renewal Fees in Pennsylvania

Renewing or replacing your Pennsylvania Car Registration typically requires you to pay a variety of fees, including the standard vehicle registration charge and local/county fees. In addition, if you choose to use our online service for registration renewal, you will also be charged our agency fee. Find a full list of the fees you may have to pay when you renew your vehicle registration below:

Vehicle Registration Fee:

  • Passenger vehicle renewal: $36.00
  • Motorcycle renewal: $18.00
  • Motor-driven cycle/motorized pedacycle renewal: $9.00
  • Truck/tractor renewal: $62.00 to $2,105.00 (depending on weight)
  • Motor home renewal: $65.00 to $116.00 (depending on weight)
  • Trailer/semi-trailer renewal: $6.00 and $35.00 (depending on weight)
  • Ambulance/hearse renewal: $77.00
  • School vehicle (i.e. bus) renewal: $33.00
  • Farming truck/trailer renewal: $110.00 to $701.67 (depending on weight)
  • Farm/specialty mobile equipment renewal: $26.00 to $52.00 (depending on weight)

County Fees (depending on location):

  • Depending on your county of residence, you may have to pay a local use fee of $5 when renewing your vehicle registration. Counties that charge this local use fee include Allegheny, Fulton, Cumberland and Blair.

Our Third-Party Agency Fee:

  • charges a $29.95 agency fee in order to process your auto registration renewal request online on your behalf. Note that this agency fee is not a necessity if you choose to renew your registration through the Pennsylvania state platform. Nevertheless, by paying our $29.95 fee, you will gain access to a 60-Day Roadside Assistance Trial, error-free processing and a knowledgeable customer service team that can be contacted via phone, email or through live chat.

Credit Card Authorization Estimate:

  • When you use our online registration renewal services, you will receive a price estimate based on the details provided to us. The estimate you are provided is based on the information that you have given about your vehicle type, your location, etc. At the conclusion of the transaction, our team will authorize your card for the estimated amount provided in the checkout page. However, note that the amount you are ultimately billed may vary slightly from the original estimate amount when your request goes through the state of Pennsylvania. 

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